Enjoy The Ultimate Wine Tasting With A Free Wine Tour In Tuscany

It’s so fascinating about everything in Italy, especially the hills, and when talking about hills, the first thing that comes to mind is the wine tour Tuscany. Situated at one of the highest positions in Tuscany, Chianti is a hilly region that is around 600m above sea level, and the picturesque view that it has is just mesmerizing.

About Wine Tour in Chianti and Montemaggio
Your wine tour in Tuscanywill take you into a world of Montemaggio, and around its area covering the vineyard that belongs to them, and over it, they grow the ingredients required to make wines. That makes their wine a complete homegrown wine using all the organic products, and they sometimes take those ingredients from their nearby sources to uplift them and help in their welfare.
These minute details will make your time worth it over there.

Followed By Lunch
So, Italians believe that wine tasting is just incomplete without a light lunch. As a part of their hospitality, they believe in feeding their guest very well along with wine and making their wine tour Tuscany a memorable and fantastic part of your trip.
Therefore, your trip will also include a small and light lunch after your vineyard tour.

Activities to enjoy:
● Your fun would limit itself to wine tasting and touring and have activities that connect to their local art, and crafts like you can get a silk scarf for your dear ones with their name on sounds nice, isn’t it.
● You can also enjoy Tuscan traditional pottery and gift yourself your ceramic plate with your designs drawn on it.

That was all about the wine tour Tuscany, have to say what an experience it felt even in mentioning the beauty Tuscany carries.